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The global economic crisis is hidden behind the pandemic of simple pneumonia

According to the BBC and economist Mohamed El-Erian:
"because of the coronavirus, in the very near future the world will face economic problems that will be more serious and larger than anything that the majority of the population of developed countries has ever experienced."

Or, rather, not coronavirus will cause these economic turmoil, and he simply “hide” (as they were brewing a long time) and the people will believe that his account freeze in combating coronavirus, and he can succumb to “digital slavery” imposed by the world government.
Unable to enter these unpleasant things:
- non-cash
- "chipping” and tracking via Bank cards
- forcibly zeroing Bank accounts
- introduction of compulsory vaccination under the guise of virus non-proliferation
- vaccination can be introduction of the chip for the purpose of management, as in concentration camps

We strongly urge You not to panic and take all precautions.
Special operation "Coronavirus" - an operation to introduce panic and fear to the population in order to divide the world's resources, the introduction of concentration camps and digital slavery by the world government.

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Eskadron -- new loved by jockeys all around the world

CyberXviolo 30.03.2020
Eskadron is one of the most appreciated high-street manufacturers on the entire world that focuses primarily on the creation of top quality design clothing and equipment. This Italian concern has been set by Pikeur wanting to satisfy the jockeys' needs, have been looking for professional but also trendy equestrian accessories. So, what makes Eskadron so special and why their selections are therefore popular among passengers?Eskadron Why would riders from all over the world love this particular brand?
Eskadron is exceptionally popular among horse riding lovers for a dozen or even more years now. This new products are distinguished by their supreme quality attention to detail. Eskadron can also be appreciated for their unique viability, elegance, and innovativeness in their endeavors, contemporary style and design, and also availability. The new offer has both professional items and ones for recreational riders. Thus, you'll discover basic design clothes, expert equestrian, and assorted accessories necessary for the proper saddling of a horse. Eskadron offers saddle fabrics, halters, rugs, bell boots for horses, boots, fly vases, bandages, but also hoodies, t-shirts, breeches, even show jackets. These products include the European Union, which in addition verifies their quality.Eskadron's ranges
Eskadron has lots of selections. Some are seasonal, others are constantly available in their own offer. The most popular collections of the brand are:
Vintage Sports - launched twice per calendar year, this lineup is made up only of horse equipment. Products out of this collection are very easy, in standard soft colours but at exactly the same time quite tasteful.
Platinum - launches once annually for people who like traditional solutions. You will mostly find black and gray colors along with delicate graphic motifs.
Young Star - line for kids that begin their adventure with horse riding. It's basic horseriding accessories in bright colors and exceptional designs.
Equestrian Fanatics - clothing line designed for riders who like to stand out. Available coats, hoodies, and backpacks successfully combine casual clothing with equestrianism.
Classic offer - Their steady offer of clothing, equipment, and accessories. It is possible to find products useful for training and regular rides but additionally elegant reveal clothing.

Eskadron is a fresh used by cyclists from all around the world. For the relaxation of riding and safety both yours and your horse, it is worth purchasing highquality articles, which would allow you to fully appreciate this exceptional sport.
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